Suds Y'r Duds Laundromat

1453 Anderson Ave
Manhatttan, KS 66502                 

HOURS OF OPERATIONS   6 am to 11 pm 

Owned and operated by Wildcat Property Management, where we strive to have 100% of our washers and dryers up and running for your convenience. Suds Y'r Duds is located across the street from Kansas State University at the corner of 16th and Anderson, and is a clean and efficient self-service laundromat with a well-lit parking lot. The majority of our washers are new, energy efficient, and offer a variety of settings, some are top loaders and some are front loaders.  We also have 2 silver double loaders and 2 silver triple loaders that are great for blankes and large loads of heavy clothing.  All dryers are new within the last two years and offer both large and normal load capacity. There is also a change machine and a vending machine offering a wide variety of soaps, dryer sheets, fabric softeners and bags. 

Please do not leave your laundry unattended as WPM is not reponsible for lost or stolen items.  

LOST AND FOUND: If you happen to forget something you can call the office at 785-537-2332 or come by the Wildcat Property Management office located out the back door and to the left of the laundromat,  look for our name in white letters on our window.


Front- and top-loading washing machines
30 front loaders & 1 top-loader
30 lbs Washer with large tub
1 - NEW
Double-Loader washing machines
Triple-Loader washing machines
Dryers for large loads
Dryers for normal and small loads
Soap & other wash items Vending Machine
Soda vending machine
Laundry folding tables
Tables with chairs